Mrs Ashcroft was looking into the options to reduce household energy costs and to assist with reducing overall household running costs over short, medium and long term.

To assist with this, we worked with Mrs Ashcroft to design a solution that met her requirements and was the most appropriate fit for the way the property was used by the residents.

As the residents worked full time, we recommended a Solar PV installation with battery storage so that energy generated throughout the day whilst the property was empty would be stored ready to use later in the day. We also recommended swapping the lighting in the property to an LED solution to reduce the ‘pull’ on the energy stored in the battery and increase battery capacity.

To achieve this, we installed a 3.9kw solar PV system with 6.2kw of battery storage along with LED Lighting


When delivering works and installations of this nature the main challenge is designing the system so that it meets client requirements and achieves output requirements.

To achieve this, we worked with our design partners to ensure appropriate design. We also worked with our manufacturer and supply partners to make sure that the materials we used such as the ‘hybrid inverters’ and ‘batteries’ were the best fit to guarantee maximum output from the design and offered most economically advantageous installation for the customer


It is important for all customers to be able to see that that their installation is performing. With all installations the customer is given access to our online portal.

This allows the customer and GSL to monitor how the system is performing in real time. This includes data on energy generation, battery charging data, battery discharging data, and how the system is exporting and importing to the grid.

The data refreshes every 5 minutes so it is always current. In this particular instance Mrs Ashcroft has seen significant reductions in energy costs which has been reflected in energy bills which have been reduced by over 50%.

Customer Testimonial: 

Mrs Ashcroft has commented;


“After missing the feed in tariff, I was a bit sceptical and not sure if the system would pay for itself. I have seen a reduction of 65% in my electric bill, with the online dashboard I can see when the battery is fully charged. As a result, we have changed our habits putting the dishwasher and washing machine on delay timer through when we know it’s going to be sunny”.

Mrs Ashcroft